How We Work

Our Process/Methodology

By following our structured approach you can see savings and
 increase efficiency in as little as 30 days.


  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Obtain Billing Information for View
  3. Present Proposal with Recommended Management Solution
  4. Deliver Agreement for Review
  5. Execute Agreement and Schedule Implementation
  6. Welcome to Black Box Billing

Powerful Knowledge and Experience

Our knowledge gained from hundreds of products will directly benefit your organization from the start.
 Your project or department team will be managed/advised by the business development team and account managers that recognize the complexities of implementing and maintaining even the most multifaceted mobility programs.

Competitive Rates

Our fee structure delivers a powerful value equation.
 Our mandate as an organization is to ensure that our clients realize a significant net savings.
 In today’s competitive and ever-changing market, our fee structure offers competitive and valuable rates that deliver powerful savings.


  • Customized work-flows and validation loops ensure all orders are approved by your authorized purchasing agents.
  • Place equipment orders and request service activation with newly assigned numbers or port existing numbers from one carrier to another.
  • Track and manage all wireless assets, including equipment, mobile numbers, ESNs, serial numbers. *If enrolling in Mobile Watch.
  • View Asset Reports as needed for internal audits and other management purposes.

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