Are you over paying?

Over 90% of companies pay excess charges on their cellular phone bill. With our true bill optimization, we know exactly how to get you the best possible rate and service regardless of the carrier! Get your free personalized consultation with a full analysis of your current phone bill.

Black Box Billing

Identify billing and usage exceptions, unknown devices and resolve your billing discrepancies.

Unified Reporting

Receive your up-to-date RMG & client managed device profiles, consolidated billing and more right at your inbox.

Mobility Helpdesk

Gain direct access to our dedicated team of experts, providing immediate support for smartphones, tablets and more.

Black Box Billing

Optimized billing: one simple bill

Save time and money and say, “goodbye” to complicated reports and hidden fees across several carriers.

Identify Exceptions

Utilizing advanced reporting, your account management team will review billing and usage information to identify patterns that are incurring costs which can be addressed through plan modification, notification, or mobile policy.

Identify Unknown/ Unassigned Devices

Ongoing review of all managed devices to ensure they are properly identified and associated with key tracking criteria such as assigned user, cost center, department, manger, and more.

Identify Zero Use Devices

Ongoing review of all managed devices to identify consecutive billing periods of zero voice, data or feature use. Subsequent actions such as suspension, termination or reassignments of devices can be integrated into the review.

Resolve Billing Discrepancies

As billing errors or other discrepancies are identified, your Redstone team will be responsible for correction with your providers from start to finish.

Unified Reporting

Stay informed with reliable data

Confidently receive reliable and timely data via email or other push mechanisms without having to manage data in multiple systems.

RMG & Client Managed Device Profiles

Device profiles contain information including but not limited to: carrier, user name, group values (manager, cost center, department, etc.), alias, equipment type, contract item, rate plan, features. As a managed service provider, it is our primary responsibility to keep this information up-to-date and correct as provided by the client.

Electronic & Manual Data Load

Consolidated billing provides for a single invoice to our client with all carrier and Redstone charges allocated in a structures basis. Redstone pays all monthly carrier invoices directly to minimize accounting complexity while eliminating the late fees and complex bill allocation requirements.

Electronic & Manual Data Load

Allows for both, electronic load of carrier data across multiple sources in addition to manual data entry for accounts without alternative access methods.

Payroll Deductions

Generated reports to support recovery of mobility spend through a policy driven payroll deduction program.

Mobility Helpdesk

Live Support 24/7

Access your dedicated Helpdesk team that is classified at minimum as Tier-2 or Tier -3 agents with superior customer service, training, and systems to facilitate all of your needs.

Advanced Data Device Support

You will have access to immediate support for smartphones, tablets, and more. Additional capabilities include integration with your MDM solution to perform critical functions such as provisioning, redeployment, remote wipe to name a few.

VIP Processes

Systematic identification of VIP users who are eligible for escalated or specialized support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to switch my carrier?

Not at all. Our management programs are available across all carriers. We will simply apply our industry expertise to your existing deployments. And of course, if you’d like to change carriers or expand your wireless offerings, we can help with that.

What is the fee for management / How do you make your money?

All of our fees are simply included in your simple flat rate per device. The flat rate pricing that we develop for you will be less expensive than your current cost 100% of the time. From a cost perspective you will always be paying less than your current billing.

How long is the enrollment process?

There’s a very good chance you’ve already received your last over-priced and confusing bill from your carrier. Our process is streamlined to allow for easy enrollment and quick turn-around.

Get your personalized consultation to see how we can help your business save and grow.